March 25, 2012

by kpw413

Today is the 5th Sunday in Lent.  Kathleen and I went to the Chapel of St. Andrew for the 10:30 service.  We spoke with Mother Debbie and told her about the diagnosis I had received.  She told us more about the Order of St. Luke the Physician and introduced us to Nell and Cheryl, whom we had not met yet because we were still quite new and had not met everyone yet.  Nell and Cheryl asked me if I would like to speak more about my condition with them.  So, all four of us went into the chapel to talk.  I told them of my story and Nell told us more about spiritual healing.  They also said that there are about 12 members of our parish that would not be alive today, or would be in much worse condition, had they not experienced spiritual healing at St. Andrew’s.  After learning more, they asked if I would like to have a “Laying on of hands”.  I consented and Nell and Cheryl, with Kathleen by my side, place their hands on my head and right shoulder and prayed.  It was a wonderful prayer, truly heartfelt, and I knew that this was going to do me good.

Nell gave me a copy of a book by Agnes Sanford, “The Healing Light” to read.  She said is was the best book available on spiritual healing of any she had ever read.  She said I could practice on my own as well.  I started reading the book that evening.