March 27, 2012

by kpw413

I met with David, my first hematologist oncologist.  David had blood drawn for some additional tests that needed to be run.  He also took a Bone Marrow sample.  I must say that this was not fun.  Not knowing that he would have given me some drugs to dope me up some if I had someone to drive me afterwords, I had driven by myself.  It wasn’t fun.  Afterwords, it was actually quite weird.  The skin around the the injection was numb from the local anesthetic but the spot in my pelvis from where he took the sample still hurt.  So, as I left his office and called Kathleen to tell her how it went, I told her I had both a sore ass and a numb ass at the same time.  She laughed, because I had meant it to be funny.  David also said I needed a Bone Survey and this was scheduled for 3/30.