May 5, 2012

by kpw413

Kathleen and I had a nice bacon, egg, toast, coffee and OJ breakfast and went to Deerfield Beach. We got there about 9:45 am and went and found a spot close to the water (tide was on the way out). We set up our umbrella and chairs and settled in to watch the surf. After a half hour we went into the water. Cool at first, but we quickly became acclimated and stayed in for a half hour. It felt really great! When we got out, we put out our towels and sunbathed for 40 minutes – the sun felt so nice. Then, we got back into our chairs and people and surf watched until we left a little after noon. This was a wonderful morning.

Upon our return home, I made us some smoothies which we enjoyed with a few chips.

Then I spoke with a friend (Paula) of a friend (Wei-wei) whom I did not know until today. Paula has had myeloma now for 6 years and she told me about her experiences with treatment up until now. It was really helpful to get her insight into what she has lived through so far.

And I almost forgot, this is the first day of my first rest period with no cytotoxics or steroids for 9 days!