May 23, 2012

by kpw413

I’m sorry I’m a little late reporting some good news!

I received the results of the blood work samples taken on May 14th:
Of the numbers that were out of normal range, some are in normal, some are on their way to normal, some haven’t changed much yet, and others have not been repeat tested yet.

Specifically, my globulin and gamma globulin are both normal, my abnormal protein band has dropped from 2.1 to 1.5 (normal is not detected), and my immunoglobulin G has dropped from 2767 to 1920 (max normal is 1618). My immunoglobulin A and M are still about the same below normal. My free kappa and lambda light chains and beta-2-microglobulin were not retested this time.

The important thing here is that all this was after only one CyBorD treatment cycle! I expect that I’ll be tested again just as my 3rd cycle will start on June 4th. My doctor, Warren, told me that the earliest he has seen complete remission is after 3 cycles. The next step is stringent complete remission where the free light chains are also normal. That’s my goal.

The other part of this saga now is that I have felt very good the last two days. I’ve had full, energetic, productive days at work as though I’ve been perfectly healthy.

I attribute this to three things:

1) the work done by Neal to insure my body was prepared for my fight,
2) my approach to spiritual healing, and most important
3) your thoughts and prayers – these are working! Thank you one and all! God bless you all!