May 30, 2012

by kpw413

Day 5 of 9 with no cytotoxics or steroids.

Went to work for the past 2 days after the Memorial Day holiday. I have been having some trouble sleeping and, seemingly, as a result, I’ve been tired during the day.

I had my regular appointment with Warren at the Lynn Cancer Center. He said that he was also very pleased with the results of my last blood tests. Additional blood samples were also taken today to see how I’m doing. These results should be available next Monday, 6/4. We discussed the effects of the steroid, dexamethasone. The reason why it’s used is that it has anti-myeloma activity. I asked about trying a lower dose and after some conversation where I described the various effects I’ve been experiencing, Warren suggested that I could try half the original dose or 10mg per day of and after Velcade instead of 20mg. I am very happy to give this a shot.