June 3, 2012

by kpw413

Today is day 9 of 9 of no cytotoxics or steroids.

There is much to talk about since my last post.

On Friday morning, I happened to wake around 2:30 am and noticed that both my hands and feet felt slightly numb and tingly, especially the little fingers and little toes. Also, my little fingers felt colder than the rest of my hands. This is classic first level peripheral neuropathy. I had hoped that I would be able to avoid this side effect of the Velcade (bortezomib). Later that day around 11 am, I spoke with Lisa from the Lynn Cancer Institute. Lisa is a nurse assigned to Warren’s patients to help them if he is unavailable, which he was that day. Lisa explained that since this was only a level one experience with peripheral neuropathy, my dose of the Velcade would not be reduced unless the peripheral neuropathy became much stronger to the point of being painful, rather than just annoying. She said I should make sure I update the nurses each time I am dosed during this next cycle, starting tomorrow, so that Warren stays informed.

At 5:30 pm that afternoon, I had my appointment with Margot and Neil. I told Margot about the peripheral neuropathy, and she said she would concentrate on my spine to make sure that that vascular and lymph systems were well stimulated by the massage. When I explained the situation to Neil, he added some therapeutic touches he had not used before. He also explained how the nerves involved were different and this was why parts of my hands were cold and parts were warm. he added some manipulations to my hands and feet.

On Saturday morning, about 3 am, I again happened to awaken. I noticed that the coldness was gone from my little fingers and toes and that the numbness was essentially gone! Wow, I thought! Could I be able to control this peripheral neuropathy through chiropractic care and spiritual healing? As I carefully track whether I’m feeling any tingling or coldness, I try to notice my posture and whether I’m helping to keep things in alignment or not. Of course, I have been praying for healing and I know that you all are doing the same for me. To think that I may be able to keep this peripheral neuropathy at bay!

So, today is Sunday, and Kathleen and I went to church at the Chapel of St. Andrew. This being the first Sunday of the month, it was the regular healing service. Hands were laid on me by Lillian and Mo. Debbie. So far, so good all day. The most I have felt is some slight tingling in my little fingers, but no coldness or numbness. Seems like there may be a way to keep this under control.

I’ll keep you posted.