June 10, 2012

by kpw413

Allow me to reproduce an email from a dear friend that I received on Friday:

Dearest Karl,
Good morning.
My mother is doing much better, although we are still in the clinic but improving a lot. Her name is Gladis.
Thank you for including her in your prayers. Over two thousand people are praying for you and her and this Sunday will be over five thousand in Cali, Bogota, Neiva, Pereira, Santa Marta, here in Sunrise, in Santiago de Chile and Rome. ALL will be fine for sure and you will feel the power soon!
Have a wonderful day!

“…feel the power soon!” I should say so, and it’s only 5:00 am EDT.

I woke up 15 minutes ago with the sense that I had not slept well. I have only the sense of very vivid dreams of lots and lots of candles filling me with the healing light of God. As I got out of bed to write this post, I felt exhausted. I also feel at peace. And the day is one-hour further behind in Colombia….

As I think more, a day later, about my experiences of this day, I recall that I was not physically comfortable. My body seemed to be in a battle with Peripheral Neuropathy trying hard to re-assert itself and something else working just as hard to prevent that from happening. By Monday, it was clear that the something else won this battle, and that this something else was the remote Spiritual Healing arranged by my dear friend, (and everyone else). There is a chapter on this subject in the Agnes Sanford book on my Links page.

Thank you, God! Thank you everyone!