June 28, 2012

by kpw413

Day 4 of dosing cycle 4 – second dosing

7:30 AM – Took my dexamethasone and acyclovir along with my vitamins at breakfast.

9:50 AM – Arrived at Lynn Cancer Center.

10:00 AM – CBC sample taken by Carolyn.

10:50 AM – Velcade injection given sub-cu by Paula

11:30 AM – Arrived home feeling a little tired, as usual.

I picked up the results of my blood work samples taken last week:

My IgG continues to drop – it is now mid-range of the normal values.

My M-spike or Abnormal Protein Band 1, also continues to drop, it is now at 0.7, having dropped from an initial value of 2.1. The goal is to get this to not detected or 0. Three weeks ago it was 0.9. So it has continued to drop, but not as fast as before. This will undoubtedly mean I will continue into Cycle 5. My CBC results continue to stay in normal range. All-in-all, great progress.

Thank you all for your ongoing thoughts and prayers. They are working and mean so much to me.