July 21, 2012

by kpw413

Day 6 in Cycle 5.

Picked up my updated blood work numbers on Thursday and forgot to post about them.  Sorry about that.

It’s all good.  My IgG continues to drop to 819, and, most importantly, by M-Spike or Abnormal Protein Band has dropped again to 0.6, still on the way to zero.  In the meantime my CBC numbers are holding well.

I did try the acetaminophen that Lisa recommended for the leg pain and it does help a lot.  So, I’ve kept on using it whenever I sense that pain starting to occur.  Also, the gas relief product does help for the bloating.  Yesterday, I had my regular appointment with Neil and Margot.

Kathleen and I did make it to the beach today.  Pretty wild surf, and the sun was warm.  We’re meeting Mike and Robin for dinner tonight.  All-in-all, feeling pretty good.