July 23, 2012

by kpw413

Day 8 in Cycle 5. Dosing day 3. Last dosing day of this cycle – HURRAY!

Had ongoing issues with Peripheral Neuropathy last night, especially the leg pain. The acetaminophen did help and I was able to get some sleep. In general, my ongoing use of antacids, the gas relief, and the acetaminophen are getting me through this cycle.

6:20 AM – Took my cyclophosphamide.

7:30 AM – Took my dexamethasone and acyclovir at breakfast along with my vitamins. Had a lighter breakfast than usual. Not too much appetite.

9:50 AM – Arrived at Lynn Cancer Center.

10:10 AM – Carolyn took my CBC sample. (Results are in range.)

10:40 AM – Received my Velcade injection sub-cu from Lyn.

Felt very tired all day. Had two naps, and still had very low energy.