August 7, 2012

by kpw413

Beginning of dosing Cycle 6 – dosing day 1 of 3

7:20 AM – Took my cyclophosphamide.

8:30 AM – Took my dexamethasone and acyclovir along with my vitamins at breakfast.

9:40 AM – Arrived at Lynn Cancer Center.

10:00 AM – CBC and blood samples take by Carolyn see how my myeloma numbers are doing.

10:20 AM – Zometa infusion setup started by Lyn. Actual infusion started at 10:55 AM. Flush started at 11:25 AM. Done at 11:40 AM.

11:45 AM – Urine sample provided too.

11:55 AM – Velcade injection given sub-cu by Lyn.

Took a nap this afternoon from about 2 – 4 PM. Felt pretty good after that. Appetite was low again at dinner, which seems to be normal on dosing days. At 8:40 PM this evening feeling quite tired, with some nausea. I did take a piece of crystallized ginger (a very kind gift from Anne and Dean) after dinner, which did help to soothe the savage beast.