August 11, 2012

by kpw413

I’ve updated my posting for July 28 to show two photographs.

Nausea, fatigue, and leg pain continue to be my major complaints. The nausea is sort of under control, but my appetite is still not good. Fatigue has been a large issue since I’ve not had the strength to remain at work for full days on Thursday and Friday this past week. The leg pain, or muscle pain may have an explainable cause:

In checking the package insert for the Zometa product, that I have now been dosed with three times, I see that muscle pain is a fairly common side effect. During my next appointment with Warren next Thursday, I will tell him of my desire to discontinue this therapy. Especially, when I consider that I don’t have the lytic lesions (small holes in my bones), for which Zometa is normally prescribed for myeloma patients. While there is some evidence that Zometa has anti-myeloma activity all by itself, I personally no longer think that this product is right for me.