August 19, 2012

by kpw413

Mr. Hyde returned in the early morning hours.

Feeling the muscle pain starting to return last night at about 11 pm, I took the acetaminophen and this time took 2 diphenhydramine. I doubt I shall try that again under these circumstances. Around 2:15 am, I was awakened by the muscle pain, but not quite completely because the diphenhydramine kept me groggy. I felt as though I was in a never-never land of hell because I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t wake up. Only Kathleen’s calming back rub let me know that I really was going to be OK. I did fall asleep soon after.

Woke up feeling pretty good. Kathleen and I went to church at the Chapel of St. Andrew and the did some food shopping.

I look forward to the muscle pain side effect wearing off in time. All my other complaints that I have posted about have gone away: dysgeusia (not being able to taste salt or sour), constipation, nausea, etc. Even my peripheral neuropathy seems to be under control. You readers really do have immense power. All have gone away under the weight of your thoughts and prayers. The muscle pain will also go away in similar fashion. Thank you for all you do. Sometimes I must sound like a broken record, but I really do give thanks for all the good news: my myeloma numbers keep on improving and I have a good clinical plan worked out with Warren. God bless you all!!

I will not complain about my fatigue because I see it as healing time. God and my myeloma meds need time to work on me.