August 22, 2012

by kpw413

I have just discovered that my blog is being covered at The Myeloma Beacon

I really have no idea how this happened and feel quite honored by this coverage. According to the Myeloma Beacon blog page, someone must have recommended my blog. Thank you!

As I state in my About page, I started this blog merely to document my own personal journey with this disease and to keep my family and friends posted as to how I’m doing. If I am able to help out others who are also suffering from this disease, I am grateful for the opportunity to do so.

As to my progress over the past 2 days, nausea returned on Monday and Tuesday, that was pretty well controlled with ginger root capsules with meals, crystallized ginger when needed, and prochlorperazine at bed time. Today, Wednesday, the nausea has diminished and my appetite is up from the last 2 days.

Had to visit my dentist, Mark, this morning for what I thought was a lost filling. It turns out that my dentist agrees with my ENT and apparently I have been grinding my teeth unknowingly with the result I cracked an upper molar so badly that it cannot be salvaged. Once I have clearance from Warren, it will have to come out. In the meantime, Mark ground down the tooth and put in a sedative filling in the hope that this could last me a while. He also agreed to fit me with a guard to help me to protect my teeth. I suppose this is all related to the stress of having myeloma. One more side effect, as if we patients needed another one.

Still, in the broad scope of things, another minor blip on the way to stringent complete remission.