September 9, 2102

by kpw413

True to his word, Abdel sent me several very useful links. I looked at them briefly at 4:30 am, but will spend more time with them later today.

Kathleen and I went to church at St. Andrews this morning. I was able to get some intensive healing prayer (soaking prayer) from the members of the Order of St. Luke. This was a moving experience. I felt very much at peace afterwards.

I’ve looked carefully at the Curcumin Protocol and other links that Abdel sent me. I plan to ask Warren if it is OK for me to try the curcumin. Here is the link to the Curcumin Protocol at Margaret’s Corner Blog: Margaret’s Corner Curcumin Protocol

Curcumin is found naturally in turmeric, a spice common in South Asian cooking and is an ingredient in curry powder it’s what gives both their yellow color.