September 13, 2012

by kpw413

Last night was better – I got about 6 hours sleep. Still, after breakfast, I was very tired and had to lay down for a while. I got into work late, but did work the rest of the day.

Further to my post of yesterday, the peripheral neuropathy seemed to be still worse, with my feet being numb and pain extending up my calves. I took two acetaminophen after breakfast which helped slightly. Later in the day, I spoke with Warren and told him of my complaints.

He said he was going to discontinue my CyBorD therapy scheduled for next Monday and the following Monday in the hope that I can recover some. We’ll keep my appointments for a blood draw on October 1st, and my meeting with him on October 8th. On the 8th, we’ll discuss my treatment options moving forward.

This is a low risk decision because my M-Spike is already down to 0.3 (goal =0.0) from a high of 2.1.