September 28, 2012

by kpw413

In the continuing story of peripheral neuropathy (PN), I again did not need the second dose of pain meds last night – continuing good news. Since it does seem like it is helping, I again got on the exercise bike when I got home from work. I also felt pretty good most of the day at work because it felt as though the PN did not seem to cover the entire sole of my foot as before.

We’ll keep on keeping on.

Today I spoke with nurse Kelley at Moffitt about Autologous Stem Cell Transplant (ASCT). She encouraged me to go through with it because my myeloma numbers have improved so well. As I get the advantages, after an ASCT, I can expect 3-5 years or more of symptom free living. It is likely that I would be on a maintenance dose of a cytotoxic at some point after the ASCT because there is some good data that this prolongs progression-free living. If I do this, it will be after the holidays, most likely in January, 2013.

One more thing to think about.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my healing.