October 8, 20122

by kpw413

Met with Warren today. We discussed a number of things.

My results: my M-Spike went up slightly to 0.4 g/dL (the goal is 0.0). Warren was not at all worried about this (0.8 would have been cause for concern). He said there is some variability in these data and that we would know more in a month. My next blood draw is on Halloween (how’s that for ironic?) and my next meeting with Warren is November 7th.

We discussed the curcumin therapy I started three weeks ago. Since my numbers are still good and I was diagnosed at early Stage I, he is very willing for me to give it a chance over the next month to see whether it will work for me.

We also discussed my fatigue. Warren said it could be left over effects of the Velcade; I’m more inclined to think it comes from the peripheral neuropathy.

Since I have had a difficult time with the Velcade therapy (the Bor in CyBorD), an Autologous Stem Cell Transplant (ASCT) may be best for me. Warren said ASCT would very likely put me in complete remission for several years. I did speak with Nurse Kelley at Moffitt last week and I could easily be scheduled for January.

Lots to think about.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my healing.