October 29, 2012

by kpw413

I received a comment on my October 26 posting suggesting that myeloma was sent to the commenter and me by Jesus. My complete response follows his. Let’s just say here that I did not agree.

Yesterday, Kathleen and went to church at the Chapel of St. Andrew. Our new interim priest, George Andrews, was there and there was a celebratory luncheon in his honor after the service.

The peripheral neuropathy seems to have settled in as mostly foot pain (ache). I still need the OC to get to sleep as the pain is sufficient to keep me awake and the acetaminophen by itself just is not enough. I’m OK walking, but standing still rather quickly becomes uncomfortable. I still think that each week is at least slightly better than the last.

I got on the recumbent bike today for another 20 minutes. I am continuing the curcumin therapy at 6 g/day before breakfast. I’ve read another chapter in the Moffitt stem cell book. My next blood draw is on Wednesday morning.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my healing.