November 12, 2012

by kpw413

Well! (As Jack Benny and Ronald Reagan used to say, although for different reasons; mine is different too!)

I am very happy to report that the amitriptaline has definitely reduced my peripheral neuropathy symptoms significantly. I haven’t hit zero yet, but I am really more comfortable. Wahoo!

Kathleen and I traveled to see my mother, Barbara, and my sister Marjie who was visiting our mom at the same time, this weekend. It was great to see both of them again. It was tiring with 2 flights in each direction. We made it OK. We stayed with our dear friends, Bob & Cricket, who have been so warm, charming, and delightful during each stay we are lucky to have with them.

Tomorrow, I have my PET/CT scan in the afternoon to see where I am in the grand scheme of things myeloma. Warren will call me with results after the radiologist has interpreted the scan.

Today, I picked up some more curcumin. This time a different version. This one has the curcumin linked to phosphatidylcholine which is supposed to make it much more bioavailable. This means that instead of taking 6-8 tablets of 1 g or 12-16 capsules of 0.5 g, I only have to take 2 capsules to deliver the same amount of curcumin. Wahoo!

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my healing.