December 26, 2012

by kpw413

Blessed Christmas to all!

Today is Rd 1-11 and Wednesday. I was supposed to take the dexamethasone this morning and I just realized I forgot. I will take it tomorrow morning.

So far, still so good. I can not identify any obvious side effects from the Revlimid. For this I remain very thankful.

Kathleen and I had her brother Michael and his wife Robin over for dinner yesterday. We had a great time with them.

Kristofor and Kirsten were able to spend Christmas together with Kirsten’s S.O., Jeph. We had a nice time doing a video Skype with them yesterday evening. It’s a fun way to be there if you can’t really be there.

My peripheral neuropathy continues to simmer at about 10% of the highest levels I experienced. The daily evening dose of 25mg of amitriptaline seems to have been a real godsend. I am truly thankful for this huge reduction in symptoms. For those of you who have not read some of the posts in September and following, the peripheral neuropathy seems to have been due to the Velcade I received for 6-1/3 cycles. All of my doses were subcutaneous which is supposed to minimize the issues with peripheral neuropathy. Not so much for me.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my healing.