January 13, 2013

by kpw413

Today Rd 2-1 and it. Is also Kirsten’s birthday. Happy birthday, sweets!

Today, Kathleen and I went to our usual service at St. Andrews. It was a nice service celebrating the baptism of Jesus by John.

We also did some shopping. Kathleen is now the proud owner of an iPhone. Hurray! It took way too long.

Generally I’m doing pretty well. I’m still not sure what’s going on with the peripheral neuropathy and whether it’s getting better still or perhaps slightly worse. All-in-all, I can certainly manage at this level.

So far, the worst of the Revlimid seems to be fatigue and a rash that seems to controlled by using a lotion on the affected areas, mostly on my forehead and cheeks.

On Wednesday, I get the results of my most recent blood sample from last Wednesday. I’ll bring you up-to-date then.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my healing.