January 27, 2013

by kpw413

Today is Rd 2-15.

Today Kathleen and I went to church at The Chapel of St. Andrew. There was lots of activity around our charity fund raiser coming up this Saturday, February 2nd, called Mingling Melodies and Motors. We’re having an old car show and a group called The Fabulons will be singing 50s and 60s tunes all starting at 1 PM.

I was kind of down last Wednesday. The peripheral neuropathy seemed to really be coming back in force, up to about 20% – 25% of its peak last September and October. I wondered whether I was ever going to escape this. So, I made the appointment with Dr. Berenson on Thursday. He is in West Hollywood, CA about 15 miles from Los Angeles (LAX) airport. If you recall from an earlier post, he is the leading proponent of avoiding stem cell transplant for myeloma patients.

My itinerary is: 07:10 EST depart Fort Lauderdale (FLL); 10:10 PST arrive LAX; 12:00 meet with Dr. Berenson; 16:05 PST depart LAX; and 23:50 EST arrive FLL. Full day, huh?

I’ll miss the February Myeloma Support Group meeting. Oh, well!

Meanwhile, the peripheral neuropathy has eased off again. Prayers do work!

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my healing.