March 6, 2013

by kpw413

Today is Rm 3-25.

I am very bummed. I thought I had posted a few days ago, and I just accidentally deleted it. It was a good posting. I will not try to re-create it.

Basically, I am very happy with where I am. Last April my PET/CT showed a pathological fracture in my right clavicle from the plasmacytoma caused by the myeloma, and lytic lesions in my left temporal bone (the skull bone just forward of the ear) and in my vertebra. A lytic lesion is a hole in the bone eaten away by the myeloma. In November, I had another PET/CT scan which showed that all those issues were gone!

Somehow I never noticed the lytic lesions in the report from last April before. Now it’s all gone. I will see Warren next Tuesday and ask him how typical this is.

However this turns out, I am extremely thankful for the healing that has taken place. Wow!

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my healing.