April 4, 2013

by kpw413

Today is Rm 4-26.

I met with Warren, my hematologist-oncologist. I got my new numbers. Both the M-Spike and my IgG are up: the M-Spike to 1.0 from 0.7 and the IgG to 1420 from 1099. Not the news I was looking for.

We agreed to let my current therapy ride for one additional month and make decisions then. If the M-Spike continues its upward trend, Warren will schedule another PET/CT, bone marrow aspiration and possibly an MRI to see whether any organ damage is developing. He will also discuss options for therapy with James before any decisions are made.

Meanwhile, the only side effects I’m noticing are some weight gain (from the steroids) and some leftover peripheral neuropathy simmering around 10% of peak.

Perhaps stem cell transplant may be the best option yet. We’ll see.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my healing.