July 5, 2013

by kpw413

Today is KDd-2-3.

I’m in the Lynn Cancer Center infusion room getting my second dose of Kyprolis at the 50 mg level which will be my standard level now that it has been established I have tolerated the 37 mg dose.

On Wednesday, I had forgotten to take the 16 mg of dexamethasone in the morning with breakfast as I was supposed to. I only realize it when the dexamethasone infusion was started Wednesday afternoon. So I decided to take my dose at the time I first woke up Wednesday night. That happened to be at 1:40 am Thursday morning. I managed to get back to sleep and slept until about 8 am that morning. Not straight through, but managed to get back to sleep each time. After 8 am, that was it, I was up for the day.

The local detonations of fireworks in our development was quite loud and frequent last night – until the rain started pretty heavily at about 10:30 pm – nature decided to take over.

I had another bout of hiccups Thursday evening that took me a while to control.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my healing.