October 4, 2013

by kpw413

Today is waiting day 8.

Today I had my catheter lines flushed at Sylvester Deerfield. All went well. I then went to see Margot and Neil. This time for an hour massage from Margot and my regular adjustment from Neil. My thinking is that getting a whole body massage (not including the parts where my catheter is inserted) can only help in my preparation for transplant. One of the main reasons for massage is to get the lymph system lubricated and working better. To me, this can only help in the stem cell transplant process.

Some of you may wonder why someone with myeloma would even dare to see a chiropractor. My answer is that it was Neil, my chiropractor, who helped me discover I had myeloma in the first place (see postings in February 2012). I’ve been going for regular massages and adjustments during this whole adventure with myeloma. As I reported in an earlier posting, Neil said that fighting cancer is a fight for my life – and I need to be in the best possible shape and preparation I can be in. Chemotherapy is not fun, as those of you who have experienced this know well. Having one’s body in good harmony that a good chiropractor can provide, can only help in the healing process.

For those of you with substantial bone damage due to myeloma, you should approach this very carefully. For me, because I was exposed to spiritual healing early in this process, my bone lesions healed quickly. My right shoulder, which had a sizable plasmacytoma (ovoid 2 cm X 1 cm) in my right clavicle, which had fractured, was healed where I did not notice it after 2 months, and PET/CT could not find 6 months later.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my healing.