October 14, 2013

by kpw413

Today is Transplant day -2.

I checked in at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center this morning at about 9:30. Since I’ve been here I’ve had my vitals (temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and blood oxygen – taken with a finger tip oximeter) taken twice, a series of blood tests, urinalysis, an EKG, and a chest X-ray. Then I got lunch. I’ve met with two doctors, a nutritionist, a pulmonary care therapist and a host of nurses.

The pulmonary therapist is the interesting one. He gave me an Airlife Volumetric Incentive Spirometer. The basic idea is that it measures my lung function by inhaling rather than exhaling. One of the doctors said that my regular use of this device to exercise my lungs will be key to my rapid recovery. Yes sir!

I’ll post later this evening.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my healing.