October 28, 2013

by kpw413

Today is ASCT +12.

Please recall that I’ve been getting Neupogen every evening in order to stimulate production of WBC that I need to ward off infections – last night, I was not given this therapy most likely because my WBC were already at 12.8 (normal high is 10.9). Well just to provide more evidence (do we really need more?) that our God is an awesome God who is always ready to give us what we need in an abundant amount, this mornings number was 16.2 – very similar to my apheresis story [cf 09/26].

At any rate, the end result is that I go home tomorrow. Whoopee!!

At about 11AM, they will remove the catheter. Then Kathleen and I will go through the discharge with its attendant long lists of do’s and don’t’s that are important for transplant patients. It will be so heavenly to be home with Kathleen.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my healing, and in the healing for whom we pray, Leighton, Herma, Berris, Sylvia, Nicola, Barbara, Mike, and Joe.