One man's experience with multiple myeloma

Tag: Dental Care

June 14, 2012

Dosing day 4 of cycle 3.

7:30 AM – Took my dexamethasone and acyclovir along with my vitamins at breakfast. During breakfast, a piece of a wisdom tooth broke off. Now, I have to see the dentist again. Because I started the Zometa therapy, having had my dental clearance, I need to speak with Warren or Lisa at Lynn to learn how I should best approach this.

9:50 AM – arrived at Lynn Cancer Center. I asked to be able to speak with either Warren or Lisa.

10:10 AM – Velcade injection given sub-cu by Karen.

10:25 AM – Met with Lisa. She took a look at the tooth and confirmed that a large piece was missing. She said that I should see my dentist and that some remedial care was in order since I had started the Zometa. She said the tooth should not be pulled, and that if my dentist thought it did, than he would have to contact Warren and Lisa for a conversation on best therapy for me.

3:30 PM – Saw Mark, my dentist. He said that under normal circumstances, he would just yank the tooth because wisdom teeth are still more trouble the they are worth. However, since I am on the Zometa, he agreed that this was not an option. Instead, he drilled out the old filling and some decay, and laid in some good filling material to protect what was left of my tooth. It looks like I’m in good shape now!

June 4, 2012

Something I forgot to mention yesterday. I completed my dental work last Thursday, so I now have dental clearance to start receiving the Zometa.

Beginning of dosing cycle 3.

6:25 AM – Took my cyclophosphamide.

7:30 AM – Took my dexamethasone (only 10 mg, yay) and acyclovir along with my vitamins at breakfast.

9:40 AM – Arrived at Lynn Cancer Center.

10:20 AM – Zometa infusion (4mg) started by Joan.

10:35 AM – Velcade injection given sub-cu by Joan.

10:40 AM – Flush of infusion line started (to make sure all the Zometa makes its way into me).

10:50 AM – All done.

11:50 AM – Arrived home with a Starbucks.

I also picked up the results of my blood work taken last Wednesday.  My Immunoglobulin G number continues to fall and is now in the normal range.  Nothing else remarkable was reported.  This is very good news!!  Thank you to all of you for your thoughts and prayers.


May 10, 2012

Day 6 of no cytotoxics or steroids. It is so nice!

Had part 2 of my dental work done today. Patty did my planing and scaling of the right side of my mouth. Such a gentle soul. Fully understanding my fears about all this, she was humming tunes – and this really helped to relax me. Then Mark, my DMD, had to prepare a tooth for a 3-surface overlay filling. Mark and Patty really know what they are doing. Being in a dental chair for 2 hours is really exhausting. Took a nap when I got home. Part 3 on 5/31.

Upon instructions to eat soft food tonight, Kathleen and I made Rocco’s Pasta Fagioli. It was delicious! (Cut up the tomatoes.)

April 25, 2012

Went to Quest for blood work in preparation for my regular physical next week with Leslie.

Went to my dentist, Mark, because I needed to have a dental clearance in order to be able to take the Zometa (zoledronic acid) which is used to help prevent fractures in Myleloma.  However, because it is a bisphosphonate, it is also associated with osteonecrosis of the jaw.  Therefore, Warren (my hematologist-oncologist) wanted to be sure my jaw/teeth etc. are healthy enough to withstand the Zometa before I was given any.  After Mark examined my mouth and my X-Rays, he told me that he’d prefer that I have some work done before I took any of the Zometa.  So, this work is scheduled for the week of May 6 and May 13 and my Zometa dose scheduled for 4/30 is being postponed.

This is OK.  Things need to be done the right way.  As a scientist, I get it.