One man's experience with multiple myeloma

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June 14, 2013

Today is KDd-1-9.

I received my 4th 37 mg dose of Kyprolis preceded by 4mg of dexamethasone and 250 mL of normal saline. Then a flush with about 10 mL of normal saline to make sure that I got all the Kyprolis.

5 hours later, I’m still feeling pretty good. The hiccups tried to start about 2 times today, but I managed to control the onset so that it went away.

I did pick up the results of the metabolic panel today and was glad to see that all was normal so that means no Tumor Lysis Syndrome (TLS), at least not yet.

Yesterday, I also picked up the results of my bone marrow biopsy and aspiration testing. These results show about 20% myeloma involvement now compared with about 40% when a sample was tested in April 2012. Warren advised that bone marrow is “lumpy” and these results may not be all that predictive. I’m still happy the number is lower.

A FISH (Fluorescence In-Situ Hybridization) cytogenetics panel was also run on the marrow sample. Basically, this checks for chromosome abnormalities, some of which point to more aggressive forms of myeloma. I was positive for: “Translocation t(11;14) is associated with cyclin D1 overexpression and is a favorable prognostic variable for newly diagnosed plasma cell myeloma patients treated with high-dose chemotherapy or autologous transplantation.” I am going to have to find out more about what this means, but I like the “favorable prognostic variable” part.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my healing.


June 13, 2013

Today is KDd-1-8.

Today I had my next complete set of infusions, Kyprolis @ 37 mg, Doxil @ 12 mg, and dexamethasone @ 4 mg (+ the 16 mg I swallowed this morning with breakfast). All told, i was hooked up for almost 3 hours. So far so good.

Tomorrow I get my next Kyprolis and Dex infusion.

Yesterday I met with Warren to review the CBC taken just before our meeting. My RBC, red blood cell count was down to 3.78 (normal is 4.20-6.30). The others were normal or very slightly off normal. Warren was happy with the values.

The other blood sample taken yesterday was a Metabolic Panel. Warren explained that this is run to watch kidney function to see if I am going through Tumor Lysis Syndrome (TLS). TLS means that a chemotherapy is working very well, perhaps too well and so many cancer cells are dying (Lysis) that the kidneys run into trouble trying to eliminate all the dead cells. The metabolic panel will show if this happening. If it is, we simply skip one or more doses until the kidneys recover. Those results will be available tomorrow.

Complicated stuff, cancer therapy is!

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my healing.


June 7, 2013

Today is KDd-1-2.

No Doxil today, but I did receive 4mg dexamethasone over a 15 minute infusion, then 250 mL normal saline over 30 minutes, followed by 37 mg of Kyprolis over 10 minutes, followed by a flush of normal saline for about 5 minutes.

So far the only side effect I can report is 4 cases of the hiccups since 7:30 this morning. That and I did have trouble getting to sleep last night.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my healing.


June 6, 2013

Today is KDd-1-1!

By this I mean Kyprolis 27 mg over a 10 minute infusion, Doxil 12 mg over a 60 minute period, and before both, dexamethasone 4 mg over 20 minutes, and normal saline 250 mL over 30 minutes, finally ended by a flush after all for 5 minutes to be sure I received all the Doxil. This morning, I had 16 mg of dexamethasone in 4 x 4 mg tablets, and 400 mg acyclovir to prevent shingles. I’ll take another 400 mg before I go to bed. Drug City, man! Oh yeah, they left the IV line in so there won’t be a need to stick me again tomorrow. The nurse, Karen, pushed a small amount of heparin into the line to keep it open through its blood thinning properties.

Tomorrow will be easier with no Doxil, which is only once per week.

I chose this timing to have as little impact as possible to my work life. I managed to keep up with emails from my chair.

So far, no obvious side effects. I’ll keep you posted on this. Let’s see how well I sleep tonight with all this dexamethasone in me.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my healing.